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On this melodious day, Ala’ played his accordion and told stories about being a kid.



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When Ala' was a kid, he fell into a trance while watching a bear at the zoo. What he liked about the bear was this: even through it was in a cage, it tried to play with the animals on the other side of the bars. 

As a kid, Ala' lived in an immigrant community that had moved due to war. Then, another war started and his family moved again. This got him thinking: 

There are a lot of games in the world that teach shooting skills and target practice. What if there were just as many games to teach about peace, dialogue, and cooperation? 

That's one of Ala' inspirations as a designer. His other inspirations include popcorn, doodles, and old musical instruments. Ala's professional accomplishments include an MFA in Interactive Media (USC School of Cinematic Arts) and UI/UX and art directing positions on games for Future Bound and Avid Studios. 

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