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Can we we expand the reach of dialogue education through a fun game product and workshop kit?

Dialogue Changes Everything!

We imagine that one day, peace-building and dialogue facilitation will be taught in every school and place of worship.  

We are designing a game and workshop toolkit that supports training in inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue facilitation. Through dialogue, we can build stronger teams and inter-faith communities. 

The project began as an initiative with the KAICIID Dialogue Center. Working with their youth education specialists and global fellows, we learned that the game must be easy to translate and implement across a wide range of learning contexts. 

The current version of the game is being play-tested and improved to fit these diverse contexts. 

Click the button below to sign-up for news about the game's public launch! We are looking for organizations that would like to try out the free game prototype and give feedback.


Design Team

Collaborating Organizations

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