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On this magnificent day, Eve discovered a tiny Library covered covered in vines.



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When Eve was just a kid, she learned about something very creepy lurking in the water near her house. Toxic waste!  The strange sludge kept her up at night thinking about all of the connections between plants, animals and water.


Later, Eve became a teacher, teacher trainer, and literacy researcher. She jumped on the chance to work in many kinds of school disctricts--in rural Alaska, small-town Texas, big city Chicago, and in towns in Bolivia and Mexico. Wherever she went, she met kids who faced tough science challenges at home and after school. She began to dream of a place where youth could come together and design their own education. 


In her work, Eve has co-designed, piloted, and scaled multiple youth development and education initiatives. Topics have included family literacy via oral history, arts integration for rural districts, and public health research on HIV led by teens. She has also received awards for her writing for family audiences (Cinestory, Kennedy Center, Jacob Javits fellowship) and has contributed creative content to standards aligned texts (McGraw Hill). Now, she is excited to leverage her skills towards transformative initiatives in learning, health, and community engagement. 

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