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How We Work

How We Work

Our goal is to help you map the way to a transformative new idea.

Through collaboration and design innovation, we take a difficult learning challenge, and turn it into an impact-driven program, product, service, or strategy. Here are guiding principles we apply to all design campaigns:

We Work Together ...

Each project is a partnership. We invite many stakeholders to imagine a new possibility. Through collaboration in research, prototyping, and testing, we cultivate leadership and strong networks.

We imagine possibilities...

We want to build the future of learning, today. We ask big (and small) questions to uncover the most important goals for a community of learners and leaders.

We make pivots...

Design is iterative. We create time and space to prototype ideas, conduct tests, and gather meaningful feedback. At each step, we change course to narrow in on the key goal.

We support sustainable change...

The best learning programs build sustainable solutions. We bring design tools for building capacity. We aim to design strategies needed for long-term success.


We work with our collaborators to create new programs, products, services, and strategies.

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Learning Media +
Exhibits & Location-based Learning +
Education Brand Strategy +
Communicating Science +
Innovative Curriculum & Professional Learning +
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