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We use a collaborative co-design process to create new possibilities for learning in games, interactive activities, toys, and media experiences.

At Mumkin...

What's Possible? 

We ask "what's possible?" How can we use play and fun learning to engage with a community issue. Working with stakeholders, we make an impact map of where we are headed.


Action Research

Digital Learning Games


Learning Spaces

Design Workshops

Physical Learning Games

Curriculum Design

Our Story

Mumkin was founded by friends who had a shared vision; we imagine students connecting around the world to make positive impacts. Our founders have come together from careers in teaching, research, and design. We collaborate with leaders across organizations to create a new generation of learning experiences. We are a non-profit organization with a dedication to social enterprise strategies for impact and scale.

Mumkin means possibility in the Arabic language. How do we design new and shiny possibilities for engaging learning? We consult with "the experts"--the youth leaders, teachers, and mentors that will be making learning possibilities happen around the product or experience.

Learning happens in a place, in a time, and in a social network. We design products with surrounding interactions in mind. Why? Because the everyday interactions between parents, mentors, and kids are where we develop key feelings and habits about learning. Playful moments are critical to building growth mindsets. We design with the whole family and community in mind.

Community collaborative design (also called co-design, and human-centered design) is a back and forth process. At each step along the way, we find new ways to invite end-users into the design challenge of building long-term, meaningful impacts across generations of learners. 

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