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Can we unite science learners with projects that help people and the planet? Connect with our team for a learning network demo!

Networked Science Learning

Our vision is to create a new, engaging way to support early childhood exploration in science. We wish to engage learners and their mentors in problem solving networks.

Our aim is to foster both peer-to-peer and family interactions in STEM: science, engineering (including art and design), and mathematics. We aim to grow the possibility of universal STEM literacy by dramatically increasing youth participation in active science learning.

The Planetary Laboratory learning network is now in beta-testing with select Chicago Public Schools. Please connect with our team for a live-demo, and to learn about possibilities for partnership in content production and learning program implementation research. 

The research background for this project for this project incorporates work on STEM Ecosystems, out of school time engagement, and learner interactions in peer-run science projects. 

We are currently in closed-beta as we improve our network and develop a full year content library. Click the button below and sign-up to get news about the public launch! 


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