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On this marvelous day, Radha met a troop of Girl Scouts loved who playing with her favorite toy...bubbles!


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One of Radha's biggest dreams is that all girls, around the world, soon have access to a brilliant education.


When she was in school, she noticed that girls got discouraged from pursuing higher math and science. But Radha kept raising her hand. She followed her curiosity, and soon, she ended up in her own lab coat, pursuing her doctoral research in the study of fluids and their motion.

Radha decided that she didn't want to just do physics in her lab. She reached out to local schools and the Girl Scouts to teach hands-on classes. She became a coach for teens, and developed curriculum on energy data, mathematics, and computer science.

Now, Radha develops energy programs at the RDCEP center, and figures out how to problems in Planetary Laboratory beta. Radha is excited to use her training in science to create opportunities and impacts for learning and children's well-being.

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