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We are mapping the needs of science education programs as we design The Planetary Laboratory. Our aim: to build a shared space for connecting with interesting, hands-on STEM activities and connected literacy, language and mathematics material. Parents, kids, and teachers can find content hosted by a myriad of STEAM Centers, and find ways to connect to new opportunities in the ecosystem of STEAM learning.

But how do we make the engine run? How do we get enough capital in our coffers (that's money in the bank) to hire a team of great content producers and curators?

That was our key learning question as we dove into the deep-end of strategic, evidence-based entrepreneurship with the coaches of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program.

It was a whirlwind! In just 6 weeks, we interviewed 102 science education professionals and PR experts. We found a lot of willingness to share content and activities...but we needed to find the driver--the key lever that would let us support our organizational clients growth of an engaged, learning audience.

In this short video, you'll hear about our amazing learning journey at I-Corps. In future posts (coming soon!) you'll hear about our research in the international education market, and how science education related to community economic development and language learning in India, China, and Jordan.

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